DNG vs RAW – What’s The Difference?


Photographers often ask about the best file format, which usually starts the RAW and JPEG debate. Yet, there’s another question that you may have recently stumbled upon. And that question is, what exactly is the difference between DNG and RAW files? Is there even a difference? Well, yes. And there are quite a few differences,



Today, practically every device with a camera offers both the RAW and JPEG file format. And it’s often the first choice you make when setting up a new camera for the first time. So it’s not surprising that “What’s the difference between shooting RAW and JPEG?” is a common question most photographers ask. But, the

What Is Focal Length?


Many factors combine to create the final image a camera captures, but easily one of the most important factors is the focal length of the lens used. And it’s often a photographer’s first decision when approaching a scene. The problem is the focal length is quite a misunderstood concept amongst photographers. And many beginners inevitably

What Is a PSD File


In today’s digital world, we’re all inundated with file extensions, many of which require specialized software to open. And without the necessary software, you can’t open or preview their contents. The .PSD, or Photoshop Document File, is surely one of them. And it’s no surprise if you came across one recently and your computer didn’t

Lens Angle of View


When shopping for a new lens, most photographers focus on a lens’s focal length. But what is focal length exactly? And how does it relate to the angle of view? Also, how does the angle of view differ from the field of view? Then, ultimately, how do these descriptive terms affect our photos? In this

Full Frame vs Crop Sensor – Which is Best?


In digital photography, there are two main categories of cameras, determined based on sensor size: full-frame and crop sensors. And if you’ve ever picked up a camera, you’ve likely heard these terms thrown around before. These terms are usually the starting point of the conversation and part of the puzzle in investigating a new camera.

What is Shutter Speed?


If you’re ready to explore photography outside of the Auto and Program modes, you’ll quickly learn there are three essential settings in any great image. Those settings are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Together, they combine to create what we call the Exposure Triangle. And achieving the right balance between these three settings is a

Aperture Explained


What exactly is Aperture? What’s the difference between Aperture & “F-Stop?” “Aperture” in photography refers to the size of the opening of a lens. Generally, the term is used to describe the maximum size of the lens opening at its lowest achievable “F-Stop” setting. Beginning photographers confuse the term F-Stop with Aperture, so let’s take

What is Depth of Field?


Today we’re going to break down Depth of Field (DoF) in photography. Today, my friends will be the final day you will scrunch your eyebrows in confusion when someone starts talking about “shallow depth of field.” After today, you’ll be able to look at them with confidence, hold your shoulders high and mighty and say

What is ISO?


ISO is shorthand for International Standard Organization, which is the organization responsible for setting standards across all camera manufacturers. Long story short, they standardized light sensitivity so that all cameras (for the most part) over the last 40 years are made to react to light similarly. And that’s really the main reason why ISO is